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I like the colourful and dynamic paintings of Nik. He is one of the few artists
who can paint not only movement and power but also emotion and enthusiasm.

John Seed, Art Critic

Nik’s  style of painting with its intensely colourful and vibrant subject matter reflects today’s life in its entirety from the hustle and bustle of both cities to the calmness of leisure time and every day living. The artist is able to create positive emotions through his paintings.


Mag. Peter Bogner, Director of the House of Artists Vienna

Nik is a remarkably powerful and energetic artist. His special kind of abstract art includes a driving element that is almost musical. This is because he allows the brush to dance – completely without pretense – on an open stage, so that it turns backwards somersaults and truly grooves; he actually succeeds in making his images vibrate, even stirring up the traditionalists. He continues unerringly with his work, which means translating cityscapes and portraits into a firework display of emotions and colour tones.

“I think rarely we see real art, but Nik shows the true face of beauty in our lives – it brings us hope – that art is alive !”

Leo Steinberg, Art Critic

Excited exclamations you’ll hear in the gallery visitors – they are stunned by the bright colors and the passionate emotions that they emit.


Prof. Dr. Bernd Lötsch,

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