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Question Who is Nik Tod ?
AnswerNik Tod is a renowned contemporary British painter with a distinctive Impressionist and expressionist manner and with a unique style.
Question What do you sell Nik Tod ?
AnswerOn this website, you can order original paintings by Nik Tod as well as 100% painted originals and recreated copied from early work by Nik Studio, Canvas Prints and Posters and accessories – colorful gift products.
Question What materials are used for making the paintings and what does canvas referred to?
AnswerThe paintings are made on linen or synthetic canvas with acrylic paints using palette knifes and brushes. The canvas can come ready to hang stretched on wood.
Question What is the shipping cost?
AnswerWe offer free delivery of all paintings and products.
Question How long will it take for the order to ship?
AnswerWith the free service, paintings arrive within a 2-3 weeks from payment date. We can also arrange an express delivery for an extra fee that depends on the number of items purchased and the buyer’s location.
Question Can you hold the item to ship at a later date?
AnswerWe have no trouble holding your painting for as long as need until you contact us and arrange for a delivery.
Question Can I get the painting delivered as a gift?
AnswerWe can send the order to any address mentioned by the purchaser and issue the authenticity certificate to any name provided in the online form. On your request, we can also ship the gift anonymously.
Question Can I request a personal inscription on the back of the painting?
AnswerYes, we can sign the back of your painting with any words of your choice as long as they do not convey an offending or obscene message. The messages can be written on the rear side of the painting only. We recommend not to do long messages on the front side of the painting
Question Can I request a custom made size?
AnswerIf the size you asking is smaller than the original. You can go ahead and order the painting online and in the customer notes section ask for the desired size.
Question How can I get in touch with NikFineArts company staff ?
AnswerEmail:     [email protected]
Phone:   +447874372786