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Condition: Excellent Brand New !!!
Mediums: hand painted mixed media acrylic painting on canvas.
Final satin varnish is applied to protect the painting and your investment.
My pictures are painted after 25 years of experience in fine art.
Hand signed on the front side of the painting by the artist with included Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

On the Certificate of Authenticity are included option for inscription the name of recipient or owner of the artwork !!!
The painting is shipped wrapped (stretched) ready to hang.

Weight 1.5 KG
Dimensions: height – 20″ (50cm) x width – 30″ (75cm) x thickness – 1″ (2.00 cm)

This artwork will be sent from my second studio in Europe with
DHL tracking number and delivery insurance.
Delivery duties and import taxes are not paid and
the buyer is responsible for them.
Please allow up to 7-10 business days for us to ship this item.
The estimated delivery time worldwide is between 8-16 days.
My paintings are always professionally packed.
All canvas paintings and products are with FREE SHIPPING TO WORLDWIDE !!!

I will be happy to give you a answers for any of your questions.
You can contact me on my email address: artnik.co.uk @ gmail.com

This stunning painting will make a great look of canvas art for your living room and also a nice piece of office decor.
Make your place glamour with all colors of the spectrum by hanging it on your wall !







Modern and colorful paintings often catch the viewer’s eye immediately due to their vibrant and bold colors. They can create a strong visual impact that draws the viewer in.

Art has the power to evoke emotions. If the painting resonates with your personal experiences, emotions, or memories, it can leave a lasting impression.

Modern art often relies on abstraction and symbolism to convey a message or idea. The ability to decode and interpret the symbolism can be intellectually stimulating and leave you impressed by the artist’s creativity.

The way elements are arranged within the painting can have a significant impact. A well-composed painting with a balanced use of colors and shapes can be aesthetically pleasing and impressive.

The choice of colors and how they are used can greatly affect the viewer’s impression. Bright and contrasting colors can create energy and excitement, while a more subdued palette can evoke tranquility or introspection.

Appreciating the technical skill of the artist can also leave you impressed. This might include the precision of brushwork, the layering of paint, or the mastery of various artistic techniques.

Art often allows for personal interpretation. Your own interpretation of the painting’s meaning or message can lead to a deeper connection and sense of intrigue.

Understanding the context in which the painting was created or the story behind it can add layers of meaning and make the artwork more impressive.

If the painting presents a unique or innovative approach to art, it can be particularly impressive. Originality and pushing the boundaries of artistic norms can leave a lasting impression.

Art can have a direct impact on your mood and well-being. If the painting makes you feel more positive, inspired, or reflective, it can leave a strong impression.

Remember that the experience of viewing art is highly subjective, and what impresses one person may not have the same effect on another. Your personal preferences, background, and emotional state at the time of viewing can all influence your impression of a painting.