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Condition: Excellent Brand New !!!
Mediums: hand painted mixed media acrylic painting on canvas – recreated from my sold original artwork !!!
Final satin varnish is applied to protect the painting and your investment.
My pictures are painted after 25 years of experience in fine art.
Hand signed on the front side of the painting by the artist with included Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

On the Certificate of Authenticity are included option for inscription the name of recipient or owner of the artwork !!!
The painting is shipped wrapped (stretched) ready to hang.

Weight 1.5 KG
Dimensions: height – 20″ (50cm) x width – 30″ (75cm) x thickness – 1″ (2.00 cm)

This artwork will be sent from my second studio in Europe with
DHL tracking number and delivery insurance.
Delivery duties and import taxes are not paid and
the buyer is responsible for them.
Please allow up to 7-10 business days for us to ship this item.
The estimated delivery time worldwide is between 8-16 days.
My paintings are always professionally packed.
All canvas paintings and products are with FREE SHIPPING TO WORLDWIDE !!!

I will be happy to give you a answers for any of your questions.
You can contact me on my email address: artnik.co.uk @ gmail.com

This stunning painting will make a great look of canvas art for your living room and also a nice piece of office decor.
Make your place glamour with all colors of the spectrum by hanging it on your wall !



“Sunrise in Venice: A Source of Endless Inspiration”

As the first rays of the morning sun gently kiss the serene waters of the Grand Canal in Venice, an awe-inspiring masterpiece unfolds before my eyes. “Sunrise in Venice,” a painting that captures this ethereal moment, serves as a profound source of inspiration, filling me with a sense of wonder and tranquility.

Its intricate blend of colors and textures, with soft hues of orange and pink reflecting on the tranquil waters, evokes a sense of calm and serenity. The delicate strokes of the artist’s brush bring the iconic Venetian architecture to life, showcasing the grandeur of palaces, churches, and bridges, all gracefully mirrored on the rippling surface of the canal.

What makes “Sunrise in Venice” particularly inspiring is the way it captures a fleeting moment in time, frozen forever on the canvas. The rising sun, a symbol of hope and new beginnings, casts long, painterly shadows across the scene, creating a sense of depth and dimension. It is as if time stands still, allowing viewers to contemplate the profound beauty and serenity of this unique cityscape.

The painting’s power lies not only in its visual appeal but also in the emotions it elicits. Gazing at “Sunrise in Venice,” I feel a deep sense of wanderlust and a longing to explore the winding canals and narrow alleyways of this enchanting city. The gentle lapping of water against ancient stone facades and the distant hum of boats and gondolas add to the sensory experience, making me yearn to immerse myself in the atmosphere of Venice.

Moreover, “Sunrise in Venice” serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and natural beauty. Venice, with its delicate balance between land and water, faces constant challenges from rising sea levels and the weight of its own history. This painting urges us to appreciate and protect the unique charm of this city and other cultural treasures around the world.

In conclusion, “Sunrise in Venice” is not just a painting; it is an evocative masterpiece that stirs the soul and inspires a sense of wonder. Its ability to capture the essence of a fleeting moment and transport viewers to a distant world is a testament to the enduring power of art. This painting encourages us to seek beauty in the world around us, to cherish our cultural heritage, and to embrace the transformative power of art to inspire, uplift, and connect us to the wonders of the world.

John Cook – Art publicist Miami Florida