Hey there! Have you ever wondered how fast the world went digital? Now, you could purchase just about anything you want online and get it delivered to your doorstep. This also includes buying your favourites art or paintings.  In the UK, now it is completely normal to see paintings for sale online. Although some persons are still sceptical about buying these artworks or paintings online, especially when it involves high-value artwork. Usually, they would always have questions as regards the artwork’s authenticity. Well, sit tight, grab a bite, let’s take you on a journey of how to identify the authentic paintings for sales and buy them online!

Here are the top ten useful tips from NikFineArts that can help you buy original artwork and paintings online:

What’s My Budget?

The process of buying artwork or painting online comes with lots of different beautiful options to choose from. Honestly, It can be overwhelming. If one is not careful, you may spend much more than what you are supposed to.  So, the need to always stay the course. Before venturing online to shop for artworks, try to set a budget. Setting a budget will help you narrow down your choices without having to go through the whole internet. Also, are you a new buyer? Then, try not to get easily distracted because art galleries can be quite enticing sometimes.

Do some research

Doing your research about a particular artwork, knowing the story behind it, and the artist that created it has a special way of putting you in front.

Imagine this, I want to buy a particular painting online. Then, before surfing for it online, I had already done some research to obtain all the necessary information I need as regards the artwork. Trust me, it will be hard for someone to deceive me with a fake or duplicate whenever I want to purchase it.

 In addition, doing some research on your chosen artwork or painting can create this sense of happiness whenever you are showing them to a friend. Also, knowing your choice of artworks or paintings before purchasing them makes the whole online art shopping experience easier.

Know Your Needs and Trust Your Intuition

Before making a purchase online, make sure you understand your needs. Am I buying the artwork or painting for home décor? Or am I gifting it to a friend? Or to increase my personal gallery? Whatever are your reasons, be clear on them. And then, trust your choice and intuition while shopping for arts online. Go for the ones that please your heart. Look for the ones that solve your specific need. And then, don’t ever get confused!

Which website are you buying the Artwork from?

Before choosing an online gallery to buy original artwork, ensure to verify the legitimacy of the gallery and the seller. Note, you can easily be scammed with a fake if you are not careful.

However, it’s always advisable to buy your painting or artwork from the Artist’s website. For instance, here at NikFineArts, there are varieties of original artwork created by the British artist – Nik Tod. You can make your choice.

Apart from the artist’s websites, there are other authentic websites or galleries where you can buy paintings and artwork online. Most times, these websites serve as middlemen between the audience and the artist. So, verify their authenticity. A good intermediary art website should have social media handles where you can see people’s comments and reviews. That’s a good place to start from!

Ask for the Certificate of Authenticity

If you are buying from an intermediary website or dealer online, try and ask for certificates awarded to the artwork or painting for authenticity. This is another way of verifying the legitimacy of the dealer or website. And also, possibly the artist’s signature. You should only patronize websites or online dealers that provide the necessary documentation.

Buy from Websites or Platforms with Guaranteed Sales Policy

When you finally see your chosen art or painting, don’t rush to make payment. Kindly go through the company’s policy before making payment. Ensure the online gallery gives you the chance to return the artwork assuming you change your mind within a specified period after delivery.

Go through the Sellers or Artists Biography

Before you buy any painting online, you might need to check for the seller’s credentials. Look for customer reviews if it’s an intermediary website or dealer. Then, If it is directly from the artist’s website. Go through the artist’s profile, and check whether he has any award or recognition to their name either locally or internationally. Know your artist or your seller, very important!

Ask Important Questions

Before buying your original artwork or painting online, go through the gallery and the website properly. A good online art gallery should have a fast response customer care system, do not hesitate to ask them questions.

In addition, makes sure that the pictures from the website match with the actual artwork. To do so, you can always ask the gallery to share close-up shots, videos, or ask them to place the artwork in an image that is similar to the actual spaces in your home or office. This is to enable you to visualize how it will look in your home or office.

Check the Delivery System

Before making payment, ensure that the online gallery has a good delivery system. The seller should use a professional shipper. This is to make sure that your order is delivered safely. Most galleries would always include the shipping fees in the final payment. Also, ensure the delivery address you included while making the payment is correct.

Love Your Original Arts and Painting

Finally, love what you are buying! Art appreciation is quite subjective, so don’t ever second-guess your choice whenever you receive criticism from a third party. What appeals to one person might not be what appeals to another. Do not buy art because others are talking about it or maybe just to garner respect. Buy Art because you love them!

Finally, thank you for taking your time to read through NikFineArts Tips. We hope you will now feel safe about buying your favourite original artwork or paintings online. It’s quite fun!

At NikFineArts, we are dedicated to delivering the best of artworks and paintings in the UK. In our collections are varieties of original artwork and paintings for sale created by the renowned artist – Nik Tod. Buy original artwork now and appreciate the sense of happiness and fulfilment that comes with each Art.